Saturday, January 29, 2011

Subway Art Frames

So I had JUST said that I liked this Subway Art from Life, Crafts and whatever, and couldn't wait to make it! I had some empty frames in the girls room that just needed to be filled and I thought these would be so fun!
**sorry for editing on these pictures, but I didn't want details of my baby's on here!

The frames were a gift from my sweet sister-in-law when my Dolly was born. I had originally filled them with pictures of dolly's hands, feet, and big yawn, but when sharing a room that didn't seem appropriate anymore!

**My current favorite sister picture :)

An unphotographed tutorial of the frames: My SIL bought plain unfinished frames, she started by painting them white. Next she painted on green and pink polka dots. She felt that was still a little plain, so using rub-ons she added some words to them to give it just that simple touch!  Then she stapled ribbon to the back and they were read to be hung on the pegs! Easy, right!?!

Using Adobe I created the Subway Art in a 4x6 size and printed it on photo paper.

**As mentioned before, details including names are changed!

I tried to keep them similar in style to blend in, yet a little different to make them unique for each girl.


  1. These are so cute, such a lovely idea, thanks for sharing

  2. What an adorable idea! Great job! Thanks for linking to It's Stinkin' Cute Craft Thursday!