Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Curb Appeal

We are in our 5th house in 9 years. Yes, we moved a lot. We hope to stay still for a while, this time. Don't quote me on that though! The first three houses we built, so we got exactly what we wanted within our stated price range. #4 was a spec home, so although we didn't choose anything, it was pretty basic and fit our taste quite well. The size however did not, and we moved less than a year later. House #5 is the first one where we bought a "lived in" house. It was only 6 years old when we moved in 6 months ago, so still relatively new. This is the first time that I've really dealt with trying to "fix" other people's taste and turn it into my own, inexpensively. We've slowly been doing interior "easy" projects like paint and shelves. Next up will start the more expensive projects as we move forward.

We are finally nearing spring In the frozen tundra I live in, so I'm daydreaming of giving our exterior a bit more curb appeal.

I'm thinking we'll start with the shutters...easy and inexpensive :) Yet it gives the house a little more "kick". I dream of stone, but after looking at the mock pictures, it isn't doing what I was hoping for...

Next up, landscaping help!