Monday, January 16, 2012

A short Vacation

Last week we were so lucky to be able to line up babysitters and head on vacation!

Ixtapa, Mexico has beautiful sunsets!

They give massages in random buildings that look like this...6 beds lined up in a row ready for you to lay down next to some random stranger to "relax"!

Little hole in the wall taco joints that are too expensive for locals, really do make great tacos and quesadillas. Sadly, this place that was "too expensive" sold 3 tacos and fresh veggies for $4 (US) a plate.

Scary little boats like this take you across the water to visit Ixtapa Island for wonderful snorkeling. When you ask about the safety of the boat, the always optimistic workers tell you, "no worries, you wear life jacket!" Only to get on the boat and unable to find any life jackets on the little boat...

The trip was wonderful, but unfortunately cut short. My mother-in-laws father unexpectedly passed away, my in-laws were with us on the trip, so we all booked tickets to head back home as soon as possible.

To add another kink, the day we flew home, my friend was watching my kids for me, and her father was sent out of town to a heart hospital unexpectedly. My friend felt awful not being able to help, but fortunately my dad was able to take another day off of work to help out! The kids were in good hands the whole time we were gone and were NOT ready for our early return!

I can't wait to go again, until then I have piles of laundry to do :)

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