Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reverse Painting Kids Room Art

My son and daughter share a room, not ideal, but at 4 and 6 years old they love it! I wanted to come up with a way to show their individual sides yet tie them together to unify the room. I had a simple vision, that we will get to...first in the series will be my daughters picture!

Now, how to get there...

Many moons ago, in house #2 (we are now on house #4), I had painted these canvases to fill our large basement wall. After moving out of that house they never fit in with my design scheme, and the colors were a little off, so they have sat in storage, waiting for the day when they would be used again :)

lay out your canvas and cover it with the paint color of your choice, mine was white. This will be the color of the silhouette in your picture. While your assistant is doing this task for you, you can go ahead and work on the next step :)

Either sketch out your image or use clipart to find what you are looking for. Trace the image on contact paper, and painstakingly cut out the design from the contact paper.

Peel off the contact paper and place it on the Canvas. Then paint the canvas the desired color.

When it is dry, peel of the contact paper carefully to reveal the final artwork!

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  1. This is really cool! I love when you do links to art stuff.
    On an unrelated note- I was wondering if you have been having problems
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    (and by that I mean it won't do it) and so I looked up some other bloggers
    I read on fb to see if they post links.
    I noticed you have in the past... have you had problems lately?

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