Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laundry Stand

Has anyone ever made one of Ana White's fabulous plans? They are so detailed an dwell layed out, they are awesome! We made the laundry stand, and it turn out perfect!

Isn't it lovely how quickly it "organizes" you! :)  Do note that to add the baskets, this stand is probably 5-6" taller than a standard laundry stand.

Isn't is lovely! We went for a clean look and left off the option trim that was shown in Ana White's plans. My sister-in-law used her cricut to cut the vinyl letters for me.

 And a quick shot of my awful laundry room...really wishing I had a room instead of the utility closet, but I'll take what I get :) and yes, my pictures come complete with dirty laundry in the baskets and clean in the dryer! ha!

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