Friday, April 8, 2011

Upcycled Knit Hat

New Hat time!!

My poor baby has more than outgrown her hat. It is a beautiful hand knit hat purchased from Two Seaside Babies, I would highly recommend her! (see picture below!)

Although the width still fits her, it is now a bit short and doesn't cover her ears, looking pretty silly! The snow is FINALLY starting to melt, so I thought a nice knit hat would be perfect for spring! I rummage through my old t-shirts to find a great pink one.

I laid the old hat on the shirt and outlined it, being the width was still good, I left that alone, just adding a seam allowance, but it needed some height, so I curved it up to about an inch taller than this hat + seam allowance.
I also cut two rectangles that were the width of the hat and 5.5" tall

If you had a serger, you could serge these together. I don't. I used my neat little knit stitch and it went pretty smooth! Sew all around the hat and down the sides of the two rectangles.

Fold the rectangle in half, with seams to the inside for a clean finish. Place the band inside the hat, raw edges all together. You will be sewing through three pieces of fabric here.

Fold the cuff up and tack a few stitches to hold it in place. Cute hat, but needs something.

I tried my hand at making a fabric flower, pretty fun :) I sewed the flower on the side of the hat, centering it on the band. If I were to make another (which I'm sure I will) I'd sew it up a touch higher, as this sometimes gets in front of her eye :)
SO cute!!

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  1. That is such a cute hat! And she is so adorable!!

  2. awww~~~ she is sooo adorable! I can't believe the hat was upcycled! Pretty!

  3. Ok I'm here strictly for the cute baby! GORGEOUS!!!!

    And you did a great job on your hat, too! LOL :)

    She is so darn cute!!!

  4. I would love for you to link up at Inspire Me Mondays @ Singing Three Little Birds!

  5. VERY cute! And your little one is so precious! Love your fabric flower!

    Found you through Sumos Sweet Stuff!


    PS- I am hosting a giveaway for free hair accessories on my blog right now and would love for you to come enter!

  6. Sweet hat and beautiful baby! I hope you'll stop by the Tuesday To Do party and share it!


  7. this is so adorable! love that b/w flower on the pink.

  8. Love the black and white flower against the wrote a mean tutorial as well. Looks like I will be sewing all the kids' hats this winter!

    I'd be oh so happy if you could share this with my readers tonight @Creative Juice Thursday. Get your crafting shoes on... Hope to see you there...

  9. This is way too cute! I love the colors that you put together! :)

  10. Such an adorable little hat! I would love to feature this on my blog, Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. THanks!