Monday, April 11, 2011

Elastic Lace Shoes

What do you do when the shoes your 3 year old picks has laces? 

Do you teach a stubborn child to tie them? Tie them yourself...all...the...time? Or do you replace the laces?

I opted for the elastic! So EASY! 

Lace the shoes as normal, and tie in a knot!!

the tongue kept slipping down so I stitched the elastic to the tongue in the middle and at the top. I used coordinating blue thread so it would blend right in :)


  1. CLEVER! I need to do this on my children's shoes!!! I never thought to try it out myself!

  2. What a simple solution. I love it! Thanks for stopping by over at blissful and domestic and thanks for your sweet comment.

  3. Great idea! My 5 year old still struggles, so this will be perfect for him. Thanks for sharing!