Monday, February 7, 2011

Where have I been?

Yikes, I feel like I took last week off from projects and checking out what I want to make next. I was fighting a cold and my few free moments ended up being spent trying to rest, or rocking my baby who was also fighting a cold! I'm still fighting this thing, going on week 3, but gotta get stuff done around the house!

We had a busy Buddy had a hockey game, Grandpa and Grandma left really early in the morning and drove on horrible winter roads to come watch him. Then the boys went ice fishing, Grandma took my Baby and I took my Dolly to the movie Tangled. First time we've done that, so she was pretty excited :) Later that night we went to a hockey game where the kiddo's got to ride the zamboni!

After the game the grandparents, my hubby's sister and her husband, and three of their cousins came over to our house...while it was fun, it made for a late night for a girl who wasn't feeling well and needed her bed! yesterday I did get to sleep in after feeding the Baby, we went for lunch, then I started cleaning and getting ready for tonight...Girl's Bunco night here! It's fun cleaning with three little ones underfoot ;)

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