Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After the holiday

We spent 5 nights back in the hometown...but it felt like much less, how did it go by so quickly?

Well it started with the present above not liking sleeping away from home! She was up several times a night (normally only once a night at home!) Then mama got sick Christmas Eve, which didn't help things...

Here are the kiddo's with their cousin, aren't they all so cute! They are anxiously awaiting presents :)

My happy 2 month old!

My adorable 3 year old, don't you love her shirt? I made it for her, and she hates it! HA! She is already starting the attitude that because I made it and like it, she won't wear it!

this was what our 5 year old looked like all day after receiving his leapster...
This was the van (yes...I drive a van!). There was just barely enough space to look out the top! we had the double portion of the back bench folded down, leaving up just a single seat for our 5 year old's booster seat...then we packed around him, so he was stuck in there until we got back home! HA! I think we need to have a talk with the grandparents and aunts and uncles about spoiling them...

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