Sunday, December 12, 2010

About Me!

Once upon a time I worked in the business banking department for a small bank in town. It was a great company to work for, but a time came when I felt I couldn't be the mom I wanted to be. My wonderful husband supported me as I decided to change positions and work part-time from home so that I could spend more time with the kiddo's.

A week after starting part-time, we found out I was pregnant with kiddo #3! Timing couldn't have been more perfect! Shortly before #3 was to arrive, we were researching part-time daycare options and realized that part-time infant daycare was non-existant or hard to find/get we decided I would become a full time stay at home mom! This is when I decided to pursue my love of sewing more!

While at home I've loved cruising various blogs and learning about photography, crafts, and sewing! While I'll never be a photographer, it's fun to look at others gorgeous photos! My list of projects I want to make/sew continues to grow weekly, hopefully I'll find time soon to get to ghem, HA!

Below is a pic of me with the kiddo's...we had an ugly sweater party to go to and decided to make matching shirts :)

my kiddos:
This is my "Buddy" he is 5 years old and a huge helper around the house! He is my handsome guy who is very detail oriented, loves legos, and talks too much! He is very into sports and so far is in gymnastics, soccer, and hockey!
This is my "Dolly" she is a spitfire of a 3 year old. She loves gymnastics and wants to dance. She also loves anything her brother does, meaning she talks about wanting to play soccer and hockey! She is a constant source of entertainment, and loves her new sister dearly. I have to laugh about her, I have a special name book that I had gotten for kiddo #1, but forgot to look at with her because we already knew what name we wanted. Well, when she was about 1 I pulled it out to see what her name meant. I had to laugh as the description was "challenging". We found it quite ironic as for the past year we had been calling her our challenge, and now we had proof! She continues to be a challenge, but that is what makes her, her :)
This is my "baby". I wonder if I should call her something else, but she will probably always be the baby of the family, so it works! She is currently 3 months old and is perfect! My special namebook said her name means "sweetheart" - we'll take it! So far she is living up to her name :)

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