Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bubble Ballet Skirt

Bubble Ballet Skirt Tutorial

Supplies (for a 4T or smaller size):
 1/4 yard of knit
1/2 yard of chiffon
coordinating thread

A Bubble Ballet Skirt is so fun and easy to make!

General rule of thumb for width of the fabric would be 2-3 times the stomach circumference. My little girl is 19" around, and I just used the full 44". Cut the length to 18" long.

for a 19" waist, you could cut two pieces of fabric that are 19x18 to accomplish the same look!

fold the fabric in half the long way and again the short way, stitch up the side to form a circle

I used an overlock stich to prevent fraying.

Turn inside out.

I forgot a picture of the next 2 steps,

Take the raw edges of your skirt and line them up, serge or interlock stitch around the full circle to prevent the fabric from unraveling with wear.

1/2 inch from the top of the skirt sew a long stitch to use for gathering. If you are worried about your gathering stitch breaking when you gather it, then sew a second stitch 1/4 inch from the top and pull the bobbin thread on both stitches together when gathering.

Now for the band. Cut it 5" long, and the width will be Tummy circumference - 2", so my little girl was 17"

Fold in half the short way and stitch together using a knit stitch or a zig zag stitch.

fold in half the long way hiding the seam

Lining up the seams, pin together the knit waist band and the chiffon skirt together, evenly gathering the chiffon around as you go. Use a knit or zig zag stitch so that the thread will stretch with the waist band.

Now put the skirt on your little girl and let her dance circles around your living room!

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