Friday, October 7, 2011

The week of 10-7-11

How did the first week in October fly by already? At what age does time "slow down"?? I want to enjoy my kids before they don't like me anymore, ha!

1. a failed attempt at Cake Pops- up to this point they were PERFECT!!  Homemade Red Velvet mixed with cream cheese frosting...the dipping didn't go so smoothly, but they sure taste fantastic :)
2. The girls playing nicely on the Bouncing Zebra thing
3. My little climber, the first 2 didnt' climb as much as B does!
4. B trying to help...or maybe that's just an excuse to climb in the dishwasher to help unload clean dishes!

Phone Camera Roll:

 A crabby girl refused to nap, playing in my room for an hour and a half, then I found this, ah, peace :)

 Girls Weekend with Fantastic High school friends! So glad we can do this once a year so many years later!

 D was in a parade, she was ducked down pretty low behind the white picket fense though!

 After being gone for two weeks for work, Daddy got some bonding time with H & B, at the park he loved how happy B was and had to share a picture with me!

Poor H had to have 2 teeth pulled. They were baby teeth, but his mouth is too crowded...anyone besides me hear the sound of the orthodontist laughing 10 years from now as he takes my money for overpriced braces?

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