Thursday, October 13, 2011

Onesie Dress Tutorial

A while back I made a sweet little onesie dress for Baby far back that the dress is already packed away as an outgrown item!

Such a fun easy dress to make!

My fabric was 1.5X the width of the onesie waist and 9" long. I was using scraps, so this was all I had. If I were making it for real, make sure the fabric is at least 2X the width of the onesie, mine was a little "tight" around her legs!

1. I don't have a serger, so I used an overlock to seal the edge. I missed taking a picture, but then took a 4" piece of trim, folded it in half, and overlocked stitched the ends together. I then sewed the trim to the bottom of the skirt.
2. I placed the skirt 3" from the leg hole
3. Taking the non sewn side of you fabric panel, run gathering stitch and gather. Pin to the onesie and stitch in place.Place skirt so that wrong side of skirt fabric matches to the right side of the onesie, placed on there looking exactly as you want it to look in the end.
4. Fold the skirt up, we are doing a french seam to cover the raw edges. Stitch just so the raw edges are completely caught in the seam and will not be sticking out.
5. Fold the skirt back down and a perfect clean skirt!

I have seen other methods that would fold the onesie in half with the skirt fabric sandwiched inbetween, also giving a clean skirt without raw edeges, however that decreases the length of the onesie. I have long torso babies, so I prefer this method as it shorted the skirt fabric and not the onesie!

  Not a fan of pictures on this day!

Perfect ot play in my messy living room!

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