Friday, May 27, 2011

Pleated Ruffle Butt Onesie

I love ruffles, I love pleats, I was too lazy to "ruffle" properly, and so we have the Pleated Ruffle Butt Onesie!

Very simple, very fast, VERY cute :)
I used a 3-6 month onesie

1. Cut 3 strips that are approximately 3" by 19" long and iron each strip in half
2. To avoid extra seams to sew through/hid, I went the route of extra ironing. Fold in each edge about a 1/4" and iron flat in half again.

Now, to skip "ruffling" and give it a more pleated look, follow these instructions!
3. place the bottom ruffle in line with the top of the leg opening and pin in the center
4. Pin both edges where you want the ruffle to end
5. Pin the middle of each side
6. keep pinning the middle of the bubbles until it is as pleated as you would like it to be
7. No sew a quarter inch from the top. I sewed mine messy so it wasn't a smooth pleat, but more of a cross with ruffles.

8. Do the same with the top 2 ruffles, placing them so the bottom of the ruffle falls just on top of the sew line of the previous ruffle.

Enjoy your cutie in the ruffle. Throw it under a dress so that when it flips up she's adorable!

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  1. this is SO cute! I love ruffles! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  2. I am procrastinating making a baby shower gift for Saturday. I'm so glad I am! This is totally cute. I'm doing this!

  3. CUTE I love ruffle butts!! I have been wanting to make some for my little girl. These look super easy!! I am a new follower. Thanks for sharing!

    Kadie @ Seven Alive

  4. Great job! So cute! Thanks for sharing. Kristy from a crafty healthy diy blog.

  5. I love this! I'm going to make one for my best friend who just had a little girl!

  6. Cute onsie. Cuter model. :) Thanks for sharing on Motivated Monday at Becolorful. I hope you will join in again soon.