Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The things kids say

During baths today I brought the computer into the bathroom to multitask...Baby was on the rug, my Dolly was in the tub, She's 3 so although in the room, I don't have to keep my eye on her every second. She was asking questions and I kept agreeing. Finally she said,
D: how can you see what I'm talking about when you are looking at the computer?
(oops, I was caught not looking!!)
Me: I have eyes on the back of my head
D's eyes grow HUGE!
M: they are magical eyes so that I can see what you are doing
D: do I have eyes on the back of my head?
M: nope
D: why not?
M: only mom's have these magical eyes
wait a few minutes
D: Does daddy have these magical eyes?
I love the way little minds work :)


  1. What a cutie! Love your blog:) Found you on 1 month to win it! Stop by when you get the chance:

  2. So sweet. I feel like we should be writing down all the goofy things our kids say. Would either make us lots of $$ on a book deal someday or just be a great thing to show future boyfriends/girlfriends ;)