Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes

Prior to our Rainbow Birthday Party, we did a "friend" party for just my dolly, and I tested out Rainbow Cupcakes!

These didn't turn out perfect, but the girls loved them, and they were easy.

I only did 4 colors for this one, and used the standard liquid food coloring. If you compare to my rainbow cake, you will see how these definitely were not as brightly colored!

my colors were Red, Orange, Green, Blue...although the orange kind of blended with the red!

Another box mix, separate into 4 equal bowls and color.
Use a spoon to layer into cupcake pans. I tried bags, and found that harder than spooning.
I wasn't perfect with the layers, and they came out with a fun swirl effect.

Happy belated 4th Birthday, Dolly!

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